"This book inspired me to turn my attention towards falling deeply in love with my self and and be profoundly grateful appreciative and in awe NOW of the magnificent being that is me when I "look into my mirror."
Lori Eastman, 
New Orleans, LA

Sandy Rodger's


Today we are bombarded with advertisements everywhere we turn—be it social media, television, the Internet, or magazines. They tell us we are not enough by ourselves, that we must buy a product to be acceptable and make us feel adequate. Well, it ain’t working for us. 

Award-winning author Sandy Rodgers provides a tool and salvation for you. She insists we are each uniquely beautiful exactly as we are. Sandy asks each of us to simply relax and gaze while you behold your image and lovingly and say, “I proudly look in my mirror.” 

Allow this manuscript to inspire you to be deeply in love with you and to smile wide each and every time you look into your mirror at the magnificent image being reflected back at you! Smile with approval because you accept you!

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