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Authentic Ascension

with Sandy Rodgers, Holistic Life Advocate

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Do you have a Vision? 

Are you dedicated, excited, & passionate about holistic wellness? 

Do you have an insistent desire for practicing preventive health?


 Are you challenged with...                              

  • Your picture of good health is far different from the person looking back at you in the mirror.  

  • You aren't sure how
    to best go about transforming your life into one of wellness.                     

  • Right now, you have the desire to shift your diet and lifestyle but taking that first step is a bit intimidating.

Great, I can help you change all of that!


I am Sandy Rodgers,

affectionately known as

"America's Holistic Wellness Advocate".

I empower everyday people with the

motivation to change and embrace

their power to optimize their health. 

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Life, Love, and Wellness

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