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Sandy Rodger's
Abandonment, Abortion, Addiction 

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This healing guidebook is written for the mothers of all the un-named or unborn babies of the Universe. We did not know how to love and care for them. That is the only reason they are not among the living. We were scared, shamed, silly, forced into the action, or too immature to stand up for them. We had ‘no voice’, yet we stand up today to give voice to them. The book is meant to bring some reconciliation or closure to the pain that still exists for all involved: To heal the past; the present and future generations. In it, Dr. Rodgers explores the connection between abandonment, abortion, and addiction.  She offers help to understand the how and the why; to honor all of life; to explore the lie we have believed and our attempt to live up to the lie.

Award-winning author Sandy Rodgers provides a tool and salvation for you. As one male stated, “I am so proud of Sister Sandy for the courage to write and hold discussions around these most sensitive topics. I am proud to be a Black Man raising a Black family to have this as a part of my resource material.”

“This book has given me the courage to change! I refused to attempt any type of correction or simple conversation around these topics before now. I feel liberated and free, no longer controlled by embarrassment, shame, guilt or emotional detachment.”

Tara Allen, 

Los Angeles, CA

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