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Sandy Rodger's PRAISE

Grateful for alignment and comfort!
Vera Thomas, Another satisfied client.
— H.D, Holt, Speaking on working with Sandy
“This was by far one of the best programs and health and  wellness courses I have taken.      
I want to thank Sandy for sharing her personal story and experience.”
— Holly Richards, President & Founder of Gals Starting Over
Sandy’s auspicious beginning is the hallmark of her continuing service and commitment to peace and justice.  She has utilized creativity and imagination in her constructive and successful programming and project implementation.  Whatever project Sandy undertakes in business or community building, she brings her vivacity and vigor to bear on each concern.  An accomplished facilitator and thorough collaborator, Sandy is a woman of great heart on a mission of love and service.  Sandy Rodgers is indeed a powerful woman for our challenging times..”
— Sue Welch, Retired Educator, Memtor and Activist
Sandy Rodgers understands the deepest meaning of the word Service.  For Sandy, it is an action verb. She recognizes a problem and determines to take action and find a solution. For more than half a century, Sandy has directed her mind, soul and spirit to the development, effectuation and support of others.”
— Thomas Marsh, Wellness Mentor
— Tammy Kinney, Pioneer & Leader in Georgia's Rural Areas

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