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All My Men

by Sandy Rodgers

Sandy Rodger's


 "All My Men" is written by a woman who has used her life listening intently to the many voices of men. Listening to the words they were often unable to speak audibly to the other significant ones they were entwined with. The author has a true gift in regards to providing men with an environment in which they can just open up and reveal their innermost feelings and thoughts. These thoughts are summarized for you in this collection of art.

"ALL MY MEN" is a positive account of the author's life experiences with Back Men. The book is a celebration of the impact numerous African American men have had on her life and her impact on their lives and life decisions. 

At a time when so many African American men are often cast in a negative light in much of the media, "All My Men" articulates a side of many of these men one does not see or hear about. Compassionate, courageous, determined, inspirational; are some of the words that describe the men mentioned.

"All My Men" is beautifully tugged at my heart. Sandy poured out everything. No holds barred." Judge Mary Ellen Hicks. 

"I was in the belly of the whale when I received All My Men. After reading it, I was uplifted and encouraged." Pastor Carl Booker

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"After reading your book, my sister and I, both in our sixties began a dialogue about the positive male role models in our lives. It took 'All My Men' to bring us sisters closer than we have ever been. Thank you for your words of encouragement and love."

Delora Holmon, East St. Louis, MO

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