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WHEN GOD LEADS...Just Follow

by Sandy Rodgers

When God Leads...Just Follow, is a book of life lessons and manifestations; stories of success, change and courage.  When God Leads...Just Follow is a plea to all who have dreams and hunches, yet are reluctant to going forward with action.  
God grants each of us visions and goals to carry out all the actions needed to create a well rounded human existence. Some of us simply require a nudge to continue to fulfill their dreams into reality. 
In this manuscript Sandy urges all who have been given a dream to forge ahead with knowledge that all that they require has already been given to them at the same time as the hunch was felt.  
Sandy gives the readers several suggestions as to how to turn opportunities into realities. How to manifest those dreams into actualities. Many of us forsake our genius due to the systems that we have become masters at recreating that tells us to be like everyone else, to be a repeat of the person that just passed this way, to be complacent with being a robot even when it does not satisfy our inner cravings.

"With affirming affirmations and poems through. 'The Rose Garden unlocks the hidden beauty and power found in all women at different stages of their lives and  in many different situations ...women are able to explore  their deeper feelings in a safe non-threatening fashion"

Ariel Scott   
Los Angeles, CA
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