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The Rose Garden

by Sandy Rodgers

Sandy Rodger's

Remembering Our Beauty in Tough Times

Women, as the co-creators and the ones entrusted with bringing new life into this world, we must honor our strength which rests in our innate gentleness and softness. Our energy which protects an unborn for nine months while it develops all that it needs to survive outside of the womb, is the same energy which will restore wholeness and sanity back to humanity. We cannot do it however listening to others telling us how we should demonstrate our femininity. At our core we KNOW! We know how to sustain and maintain life. We know because we are created that way. The female energy is the one chosen to bring life forth!

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"The book is simply wonderful. It will inspire you if you are female and enlighten you if you are male. The true stories are grippingly dramatic. And everyone who has a family, whatever their ethnic background, will truly embrace the pages of  this timeless gem"
Mr. Bobby Shelton,
East St. Louis, MO
Editor and Chief,
inBox Magazine

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